Coyote Radio Tujunga – THC The Hippy Coyote ALBUM DOWNLOAD


THC The Hippy Coyote records a solo album, Coyote Radio Tujunga, singing and performing a variety of his released and unreleased songs.  During 2003 Richard Del Connor recorded these songs as Coyote was practicing for cable television shows he was performing live on.  Each afternoon, as a Mr. Mom, Coyote would also sing his song to sleep, so you may hear his son in the background.

Coyote Radio Tujunga is an album of LIVE solo performances by The Hippy Coyote as he was practicing for Live performances on various cable television station shows in 2003.  He would also sing his son, Rory, to sleep each day and on a couple songs you may be able to hear him clapping in the background at the conclusion of a song.

“Don’t Forget” SOLO LIVE


With one microphone pointed at his Alvarez acoustic guitar, and another at his mouth, Richard Del Connor produced these recordings as clean as possible in the Shaolin Records Tujunga Home Studio where Coyote was still a Mr. Mom since 1991.  Some of these songs include some improvisation from their previously recorded American Zen albums.

“Don’t Push Me” SOLO LIVE


The song, “Don’t Push Me,” was written while Coyote was a Journeyman Union Carpenter in 1986 building a maximum security prison in the mountains east of the Magic Mountain Theme Park north of Los Angeles.  In that world of hardworking slavery, there was one foreman who would cuss at his carpenters and occasionally even manhandle them.  Coyote let this asshole know that he would not be bullied, cussed-at or pushed–without consequences.  This macho bravado required to survive this one-year job was distressful to Coyote’s artistic temperament, but necessary.

The “THC” name was given to Coyote many years later when he was performing in Las Vegas casinos with reggae bands on his flute.  When they realized his name was The Hippy Coyote, these Rastafarians enjoyed calling him by his new nickname, “THC.”  Although Coyote enjoyed hanging out with these reggae bands, he was not appreciative of the looks he got when he answered the loud summons of, “THC!”  But we decided to include the THC in his artist name per their urging and in hopes of more album sales…

“Christ Killer” SOLO LIVE


  • THC The Hippy Coyote: acoustic guitar and vocal
  • Recording engineer: Don dela Vega
  • Recorded live at Shaolin Records Tujunga Studio
  • Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records with no overdubs
  • Distributed by Shaolin Communications

Copyright 2003 Shaolin Music.  All rights reserved.  ASCAP


“Backseat Love” SOLO LIVE


“Dear Mom” SOLO LIVE


“All Around The World” SOLO LIVE


“In Dreams” SOLO LIVE


“Don’t Make Me Laugh” SOLO LIVE


“Black Of Night” SOLO LIVE


“What Do You See?” SOLO LIVE


“In Line”  SOLO LIVE


“Hurts To Know” SOLO LIVE


“The End The Horizon” SOLO LIVE


“Spirit Gun” SOLO LIVE